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Democrat Offers $100K Reward For Naked Photos Of Teenage Hunter | The Libertarian Republic  (via TLR)


Yeah, so, this guy isn’t an actual Democratic candidate. He said he was running for office as a Democrat so that Fox News would have him on. Apparently he is grifting for campaign donations and has not filled out any actual campaign forms or been active in the Democratic party in any way.

But nice try, Libertarians and Republicans! As always, I appreciate your stalwart efforts to make yourselves look like assholes because you can’t be bothered to Google something. I realize it must be difficult to detect a fake when your own party really does shit like this.

(PS - If you want a real treat, read through the OUTRAGED!!11 notes and reblogs from the right-wingers on this post. “I’m sickened!” “This is disgusting!” “So much for being pro-women!” LOLLLLLLLLL it’s a faaaaaaaaaaake)

(Source: thedoomreport)

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